MiC @ NeurIPS 2021


Information about invited speakers can be found here. Please note that all times are in Eastern Time (New York). The final program is subject to change.

Time (ET) Event Speaker Platform
08:45 Poster preview - Gather
08:55 Opening remarks Organizers Zoom
Session 1
09:00 Invited talk: "The Neurobiology of Pragmatics"

In this presentation I will discuss recent insights into both the time course of pragmatic processing and the key neural infrastructure for inferring speaker meaning from coded meaning. I will show why mirror neurons are not able to handle pragmatic information. In addition, I will present evidence for the role of the Theory of Mind (ToM) network in processing of pragmatic information.

Peter Hagoort Zoom
09:30 Contributed talk TBD Zoom
09:45 Contributed talk TBD Zoom
10:00 Invited talk: "Human Production Strategies for Neural Language Generation"

Progress on language generation has experienced a huge boost with the advent of large models trained on huge amounts of text. However, this kind of language modelling will only take us that far. Most natural language use is driven by communicative goals and is often grounded both in the conversational context and in extralinguistic information. Can we take inspiration from human production strategies in situated environments to drive forward natural language generation models? I will argue that yes, we can, and present a few examples of recent and ongoing research carried out within my group that follow this research programme.

Raquel Fernández Zoom
10:30 Coffee break / Meet-and-greet #1 - Gather
11:00 Panel discussion Invited speakers Zoom
12:00 Lunch / Poster session - Gather
Session 2
13:30 Invited talk: "The Right Words for the Job: Coordinating on Task-Relevant Conventions via Bayesian Program Learning" Robert Hawkins Zoom
14:00 Contributed talk TBD Zoom
14:15 Contributed talk TBD Zoom
14:30 Invited talk: TBD Marieke Woensdregt Zoom
15:00 Coffee break / Meet-and-greet #2 - Gather
Session 3
15:30 Invited talk: TBD Jesse Snedeker Zoom
16:00 Contributed talk TBD Zoom
16:15 Contributed talk TBD Zoom
16:30 Invited talk: TBD Dan Klein Zoom
17:00 Closing remarks Organizers Zoom
17:05 Mingling / Optional poster session - Gather