MiC @ NeurIPS 2021

Accepted papers

Title Authors Presentation type
Ambiguity Advantage under Meaning Activation Liping Tang Poster
Analysing Human Strategies of Information Transmission as a Function of Discourse Context Mario Giulianelli, Arabella Sinclair Poster
Context in Automated Affect Recognition Matthew Groh, Rosalind Picard Poster
Efficient Pragmatic Program Synthesis with Informative Specifications Saujas Vaduguru, Yewen Pu, Kevin Ellis Oral
The gap between QUD-based topic determination and learning-based topic extraction for NLG Maurice Langner, Ralf Klabunde Poster
Intuitive Image Descriptions are Context-Sensitive Shayan Hooshmand, Elisa Kreiss, Christopher Potts Oral
Lexical Pragmatics in the Wild: The Case of Complement Coercion Frederick G Gietz, Barend Beekhuizen Oral
Loopholes: a Window into Value Alignment and the Learning of Meaning Sophie Bridgers, Elena Glassman, Laura Schulz, Tomer Ullman Oral
A model of contextual representations and their role for linguistic prediction Maxime Codere Corbeil Poster
Multi-party referential communication in complex strategic games Jessica Mankewitz, Veronica Boyce, Brandon Waldon, Georgia Loukatou, Dhara Yu, Jesse Mu, Noah Goodman, Michael Frank Oral
Perspective-taking and Pragmatics for Generating Empathetic Responses Focused on Emotion Causes Hyunwoo Kim, Byeongchang Kim, Gunhee Kim Oral
The role of joint utility and pragmatic reasoning in cooperative communication Yiling Yun, Stephanie Stacy, Tao Gao Poster
Social inferencing in communication Asya Achimova, Martin V. Butz Poster
Underspecification in Executable Instructions Valentina Pyatkin, Royi Lachmy, Reut Tsarfaty Poster
Unveiling the Meaning Through Emotional Context Tatiana Botskina Poster